Core Data Processing


United Solutions has been hosting the Fiserv Datasafe Core Data Processing System since our CUSO’s inception more than 30 years ago. The Fiserv DataSafe System provides easy-to-use, browser-based technology that is attractive, user-friendly and feature-rich. The member data is stored in an object-oriented relational database incorporating the latest technology such as Visual Basic, .NET, AJAX, and more. Products such as in-house credit card processing, a best-of-breed home banking product, cross-sell products, relationship pricing, risk-based pricing, shared branching and  an easy-to-use real-time SQL Reporting Module are just some of the system highlights. 

In addition, the Fiserv DataSafe System interfaces with many of the premier Fiserv Incorporated Products and services such as the Geezeo Account Aggregation Product, Mobiliti Mobile Banking, Fiserv EFT Solutions, Wisdom an Prologue General Ledger Products, Account Create and more. If you prefer other products and services that are not part of the Fiserv Family, that’s okay too. The DataSafe System in an open platform that integrates with other popular products such as Meridian Link, Online Resources, Maxar, Akcelerant, Andera, and others. DataSafe gives you choices and the ability to use the products and services that you feel comfortable using.

A strong core data processing system, an open platform, leading edge technology, and excellent customer service from the United Solutions CUSO makes the difference. 

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