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Virtual Branch: Internet & Mobile Banking

Integration. Seamless display. Technology for today and tomorrow. United Solutions Virtual Branch brings you a robust e-commerce platform and a consistent, memorable end-to-end user experience that goes way beyond online banking.

Expand your delivery channels with seamless online banking tools! Virtual Branch with mobile banking offers your credit union and your members innovative ways to connect and conduct business. Mobile banking delivers the added convenience and flexibility that increasingly savvy consumers demand - a consistent and memorable online experience.

Online account access is still necessary, but it’s no longer enough to keep you competitive and viable in a digital world. Keep pace with today’s dynamic online banking landscape with a fully integrated suite of electronic banking solutions that continually evolve to meet member demand.

The Internet banking market constantly evolves, and so does the Virtual Branch portfolio of services. Across the suite, Virtual Branch offers credit unions a full range of compelling add-on features and services to generate value for both your institution and your members.

With Virtual Branch, your credit union can deliver a comprehensive suite of financial services online, providing the tools to meet your members’ diverse needs. Virtual Branch positions you to acquire and retain more members by offering competitive services that are compelling and convenient. The Virtual Branch suite includes the following modules, which can be implemented separately or in combination.

Bank Online

Online relationships provide unique opportunities to connect with, market to and enhance loyalty among your members. It’s especially vital for the increasing number of consumers who use online services as the primary connection to their financial institution. Bank Online provides all of the features today’s online users expect, including the ability to review accounts, view account history, transfer funds, make loan payments and schedule transfers. Its flexible features help you promote a professional image consistent with your unique brand.

BillPay: Electronic Bill Payments

Offering electronic bill payment is a win-win. Your members gain convenience, and you cement relationships with members who maintain higher balances, have more accounts, buy more, and are much less likely to leave your credit union. BillPay delivers unique features and integration with other online banking tools. Consumer and business members can set up merchants easily, choose from flexible payment scheduling options, request alerts and more. With its robust administration tools and tight integration with other United Solutions Company systems, BillPay is the smart choice.

AccountCreate: Online Account Opening

Allow new members to enroll and open accounts anytime with AccountCreate as represented by United Solutions Company. This convenient service leverages your online channel to attract and obtain new members. And it allows existing members to easily open more accounts – creating new ways to expand relationships, increase wallet share and improve product adoption. The system’s integrated cross-sell capabilities enable you to promote targeted products and services during enrollment, when members are most receptive.

Loan: Internet Lending

Offer your members the ability to complete loan applications online from the comfort of their home or office with Loan. Loan can electronically score and review loan applications and even provide instant pre-approval to members based on the parameters you provide.

NotiFi: Electronic Statements

Reduce the cost of producing and distributing statements while enhancing research capabilities with NotiFI. When a new statement is ready, members receive an email notification, inviting them to  access it securely online – viewing screens are tailored to match your own website design and brand. Members can use the administrative site to access statements for research, or to add, change or delete user profiles and accounts.

YourSite - Web Design & Hosting

Your website is a reflection of your credit union. With so many consumers doing the majority of their banking online, you want to make sure your site makes a positive impression. YourSite web design and hosting services can help you accomplish that goal. Whether you want to create a sophisticated look and feel, provide an inviting and personalized portal, position your credit union as a service leader, or all of the above, YourSite can help you project your credit union’s desired image through your Web presence. Virtual Branch also includes hosting services that help ensure your website is available to members whenever and wherever they need access. Our continual innovation means you get access to the latest electronic tools to serve members and differentiate your credit union.

End-to-End E-Commerce

Online services are ideal for improving member loyalty and creating new growth opportunities. Virtual Branch offers every element you need to connect with your members online, making it easy for them to open new accounts, apply for loans, pay bills, transfer funds and stay informed about their finances 24/7.

Seamless User Experience 

With the Virtual Branch, your members enjoy a smooth, seamless experience whether they’re using traditional online banking, bill payment, online statements, account-to-account transfers or any other Virtual Branch service. There’s no need to visit multiple websites, remember multiple passwords or view disparate screens. The experience is consistent and secure for members. It is also efficient for your credit union, thanks to the software’s streamlined administration and reporting capabilities.

Strategic Account Processing Integration

Online banking is an increasingly important part of your business, so it must work in combination with your vital account processing platform. To ensure that both strategies coexist harmoniously, Virtual Branch integrates with the core account processing platform. This integration maximizes transaction capabilities and enables you to extend the scope of your solutions throughout your enterprise, incorporating critical tools such as cross-selling.

Go Mobile

The birth of online banking gave consumers a convenient new way to do their banking from a personal computer. Today, your members expect expanded access opportunities with mobile banking. We understand the ins and outs of security, the fundamentals of connectivity, and the nuances of interfacing with a variety of mobile devices. Mobile banking is just one more way Virtual Branch helps your credit union branch out and stay connected with your busy member base.

A2A Transfers

Offer members the ability to safely and securely transfer funds between financial institutions. It’s another convenient way for members to leverage the Internet to eliminate the need for in-person transactions.

Mobile Banking

Empower your members to conduct business from the palms of their hands with Mobiliti™ from United Solutions Company. Using a cell phone, they can stay informed about their finances and make critical transactions while on the move

Adoption Marketing Programs

Successful promotion is necessary for expanding your online business. Virtual Branch offers marketing tools to help you educate both staff and members about the online services your credit union offers. Ready-to-use tools such as printed materials, Web banners and an online tutorial enable you to spread the word that your e-commerce solutions are both extensive and competitive.


Help your members stay informed about their finances with electronic alerts. Members can choose from more than 15 types of selected alerts that let them know important account information such as when a deposit has posted, when a certain check has cleared, or that their password information has been changed.

Member Support

Virtual Branch lets you choose which support options to offer members. Choose primary support, and our knowledgeable staff will help members successfully navigate any challenge they face, or you can opt to handle support through your in- house staff. To meet the demands of Web- savvy members who expect leading-edge support features, both options offer secure messaging and live chat capabilities.

Cross-Sell & Advertising

How do you boost member adoption of products and services? Virtual Branch cross-selling tools empower you to reach out to an ever-expanding market of members who do their banking primarily online. Targeted and generic cross-sell messages appear on the Account Summary page and a Special Offers screen, displaying the text, images and response buttons you choose. When members click on “Yes I want more” or “Sign me up,” the feedback routes to your designated staff for follow-up.

Virtual Branch also integrates with Next Multi-Channel Marketing from United Solutions Company to turn your credit union’s service channels into forums for promoting products and strengthening relationships. Next Multi- Channel Marketing leverages your existing ATM, telephone, Internet and in-branch channels to deliver the right offer to the right member at the right time.

En Español 

Virtual Branch offers interfaces in both English and Spanish language screens, providing a new way to reach out to diverse member and prospect bases.


Virtual Branch offers authenticated links to established third parties, giving your members seamless access to convenient services such as check imaging, check reordering, electronic statements, credit card transactions, personal financial management, account aggregation and more. And our single sign-on capabilities eliminate the need to logon separately to these services.

Enhanced Authentication 

Security is vital in today’s online banking world. To strengthen your Internet security controls, Virtual Branch relies on Intelligent Authentication™ from United Solutions Company, which uses commonly available browser technology for easy deployment across virtually all types of PCs, with no need for members to install additional hardware.

Personal Finance Management Integration 

Most consumers value the ability to track personal financial history online. Virtual Branch offers several options to let them export online financial data to their personal financial management software. And through our OFX connectivity, members can connect to their data directly using the Virtual Branch-supported Direct Connect and Web Connect software from Intuit®.

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