Webinar Series

Tuesday's at 10AM Webinar Series

2019 Line Up

February 12th 

CU Certified Automotive - Presented by Jon Taylor

CU Certified is the first Vehicle Service Contract program created by Credit Unions for Credit Union Members and now a proudly endorsed partner of United Solutions that features:

  • An industry first 100% Profit Sharing Model
  • Proactive Claims Process
  • High Tech/High Touch local approach to partnership

Visit www.CUcertifiedauto.com to learn more.

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March 12th 

Business Intelligence Reporting Suite - Presented by Mike Mohr 

Business Intelligence and related analytics enable a coherent path toward reaching goals and objectives, while providing insight into every aspect of your credit union business in a cost-effective manner. By extracting data from your core system or other third party products, Business Intelligence reports can provide credit union profitability and member profitability, as well as, related analytics. The reports consist of a series of custom summary reports, interactive visualizations and actionable data.

Wouldn’t it be great to know where your members are sending their monthly payments for their mortgage loan, auto loan, credit cards, etc? Or have the ability to identify which certificates of deposit are maturing?

Come see how we can pull this data for your credit union and help grow your business using our Business Intelligence reports.

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April 16th 

Lending 360 from CU Direct - Presented by Bill Patterson and Nikki Etheridge

Are you looking for a solution that can streamline your entire lending process from application to booking? CU Direct’s Lending 360 is a comprehensive loan and new account origination system designed to improve the member experience. Its highly customizable decision engine creates the maximum efficiency for faster decisions, utilizing powerful reporting, industry-based origination and underwriting, and simple integration. Lending 360’s innovative technology and extensive functionality is enhanced by the unparalleled performance of a knowledgeable product and customer care team.

Visit CUDirect.com to learn more. 

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May 14th

CU Assured Cyber Security Powered by AlienVault and United Solutions - Presented by Shea Lambert and Jeff Doxsee

How are you managing your network security? How do you know the vulnerability of your credit unions data? These are just a couple of ways CU Assured, our Managed Security Service, powered by AlienVault can protect your credit union. Come learn the ways CU Assured can provide:

  • Asset Discovery
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Behavioral Monitoring
  • SIEM and Log Management
  • Ticket Tracking
  • Compliance Reporting

Our Managed Security Services helps credit unions gain visibility of your systems, meet your compliance needs, and lower overall IT Security costs. Your data will never leave your credit union.

Visit www.CUAssured.com to learn more.

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June 18th

Magic Line and Personal Teller Machines - Presented by Kevin Ouellette from INTERPRO Technology, Inc. 

Magic Line Hosted ATM Intercept Processing & Shared Branch Services delivers all of the advantages of ATM intercept processing through a cost-effective service bureau model.

  • Avoid capital investments
  • Free your staff to focus on more complex tasks
  • Gain the power to use ATMs to expand your footprint
  • Increase self-service and broaden your reach — without taking on more work

This hosted solution delivers extensive ATM capabilities as standard features, not costly add-ons. It’s the most robust service bureau ATM intercept processing offering you’ll find, bundling high-demand services in a cost-effective package.

Best of all, Magic Line can integrate with any core processing system in the financial services industry. So, you can start delivering a better bundle of ATM services faster— and start seeing the results sooner.


Visit www.interpro-tech.com to learn more.

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July 16th

Mobile Finance Manager (MFM) Powered by Access Softek - Presented by Mark Barish

Ask any of our employees why the mobile channel is so crucial for financial institution success and you’ll quickly learn how enthusiastic we are about mobile-first innovation. That’s why we say Access Softek is mobile-first and A.I. everywhere.

Since 2004, Mobile Finance Manager (MFM for short) has integrated three key mobile banking technologies:

  • Native downloadable apps 
  • Mobile-optimized web
  • SMS 

Along the way, we’ve constantly evolved (and never sunset) MFM to include the latest innovations in mobile technology: we allow your members to deposit checks and pay bills with their camera, manage their cards from anywhere, move money on many different rails, get rich insight into their financial health with credit scores and PFM, and much more.

Visit accesssoftek.com to learn more. 

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