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Need Help Collecting?

No worries! United Solutions Company has a team of professional collectors on staff. With controlled access to your delinquent loans or negative shares, they call on your members with professional courtesy and obtain positive results! All interactions with members are documented within your core system for your review. United Solutions Company can completely become your collection department or supplement your collection efforts… we are open to customize your needs! We comply with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and NCUA confidentiality regulations.

At United Solutions Company we have our finger to the pulse of credit unions. We understand that collections is a vital aspect and retaining staff for this area can be stressful. More than ever, credit unions need a robust, flexible, cost-effective solution for managing their collection efforts. At United Solutions Company feel that this should be an aspect of the core system and not a third party bolt on which protects your software investment.

Since 1999, United Solutions Company (USC), Tallahassee, Florida, has provided a variety of collection services specifically for credit unions. Our staff has extensive collections and credit union experience and is managed by a veteran professional in the credit union industry. Our staff is bonded and insured through CUNA Mutual Insurance Society (CUMIS).


  • Charge-off Loan Recovery
  • Daily Collection Activity
  • Skip Tracing Service
  • Courtesy Pay - NSF Recovery
  • Consultation and Training

Collecting on delinquent loans and negative accounts is a critical, time- sensitive activity for every credit union. It’s not software, it’s STAFFING! Collectors need a reliable, flexible system that integrates directly to their account processing system. Our staff trains and works with each client’s collection system. We will assist, when required, with making a secure connection to the credit union’s in-house or online member financial database that will enable our collectors to have immediate access to up-to-date member accounts.

Our Collections enables your staff to efficiently collect on loans and accounts without having to use multiple systems in order to access critical information. Collectors benefit from access to real-time information, reducing the amount of time and effort required to work their queues. A 360-degree view of the member relationship makes it easy to access the information necessary to collect on every delinquent loan and negative account. The collector can quickly view critical member details, including contact information, payment/deposit history and balance information for each delinquent loan or negative account. All of this information is arranged in flexible and customizable work queues.

Logical work flow allows collectors to record notes on collection activity and to track promises to pay and interactions with the member. Individual letters and emails can be generated from within the system using credit union-defined templates, and batch letter generation tools can be used to send letters to groups of members. Legal activity, fee tracking, bankruptcy/foreclosure and vendor tracking features are included available features.

Automation & Flexibility

Flexible grouping options make building collector queues an easy process. Loans and accounts are automatically assigned to collectors using the criteria you establish. Collectors can sort their queues instantly by many different criteria, including amount delinquent, balance and next interaction date.