Office Automation


United Solutions Company provides a full range of document scanning, indexing and storage programs. We can do it for you, or provide you with the consulting, technical expertise and products needed to successfully move your files from paper to electronic files safely and securely. We also can store your records during a document scanning project in our secure facility in Tallahassee.

Distributed Scanning Options

Centralized Scanning - You can bring records to the scanner to take advantage of full-time, highly trained staff

Decentralized, Networked Scanning - Take advantage of your network! Place the scanners where the records are, scan the records, and move the scanned files over the network to the storage location so your authorized users can easily find them.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce your storage space need by up to 98%
  • Keep your files "on hand" at all times
  • Safeguard highly sensitive documents
  • Let your knowledge workers prepare files for scanning including identifying the proper naming conventions
  • Let your full-time document management staff handle the large files
  • Move your microfilmed images to online files as needed
  • Checks may be deposited remotely

Customer Applications

Office Systems Consultants has worked with our customers to provide enhanced applications for use with products we sell. Examples include: 

  • Use of Barcodes for Auto-Indexing with the Canon CD-4070NW Document Imaging System. This provides our customers with direction into using barcodes for accurate fast indexing.
  • Scanning of Student Records with integration into the MS Access Database
  • Scanning of voucher files to provide paperwork reduction and data retention
  • Scanning of voucher files into the Docubase database (oscFile DB)
  • Remote Deposits from your office to the bank
  • Customer ID Program - CIP for banking or for other companies having remote sites

Microfilm and Microfiche Scanners

United Solutions provides the Konica Minolta UScan+ Universal scanner for microforms. It can scan and store images from 16mm and 35 mm film, jacketed microfilm and microfiche, aperture cards and color film. The UScan+ has the option to add RapidScan to allow you to scan a roll of film with little operator intervention.

If you currently have a Reader/Printer or an older scanner, an upgrade to a current version costs less than you think.

Document and Check Scanners

United Solutions Company provides the full range of check and document scanners from Canon, Panasonic and Fujitsu.

Canon Scanners

Panasonic Scanners