Office Automation

OnCore Forms


United Solutions has recognized the growing digital era. With this recognition we have created our very own electronic forms product, OnCoreForms. 

OnCore Forms will eliminate your need to provide physical storage space and effectively reduce the cost of supplies for such things as photocopying, printing, pre-printed forms, etc. OnCore Forms are significantly more mobile empowering you the ability to e-mail or message them instead of couriered or faxed. With electronic signatures, OnCore Forms may be archived reducing exposure to damage or loss.


Customizable Forms

Any form that your organization uses can be made into a template for digital access and completion.

Database Interface 

Your documents can be populated with information from your Core Processor or other database.

Digital Signatures

Apply signatures electronically using an iPad or the web.

Multifactor Authentication

Ensure security of your documents by having multiple levels of authentication required for access and approvals. 

iPad Interface

Use an iPad to allow your members to review and sign documents electronically.

Document Archiving

Interface to your optical application to archive all of your completed documents automatically.

Customizable Workflow/Reporting

Create workflows based on your company processes with reporting on completion status. Once the workflow is completed, documents will be saved ectronically for future reference.