Card Services

Debit Card Services

Debit cards offer an effective tool to provide convenient service, while reducing share draft expense and increasing fee income. Debit Card Services for OnCore from United Solutions Company delivers those bottom-line benefits for your credit union and your members.

The Product

  • Complete card management subsystem including card issue and reissue
  • Daily positive authorization file Online Authorization feature, allowing credit unions to receive and post debit card  authorizations  from  a merchant  in real-time, and control funds handling based on available balances
  • Automatic assessment of transaction fees, annual fees and overdraft protection fees
  • Automatic number generation of quarterly report information
  • Automatic card number assignment and replacement
  • Exception processing feature to control copy requests, chargebacks and disputed items
  • Automatic share draft overdraft protection, fee charging and notice generation
  • Authorizations that can hold funds pending settlement and can be viewed online
  • Automatic blocking of over limit accounts
  • Ability to combine with an ATM card for full service
  • Full integration with the credit card feature, but can be used independently

Credit Card Services

Your credit union is challenged to deliver the convenient credit card services your members demand, while reducing the associated expense and capturing potential fee income. Credit Card Services for OnCore from United Solutions Company gives you the power to meet that challenge head-on.

The Product

Fully integrated credit and debit card features, supporting programs such as Visa® Classic, Visa Gold, Visa Platinum, MasterCard®, MasterCard Gold, Visa Debit Cards, and more

  • Payments via cash, payroll or share transfer
  • Significant reduction of ongoing expense of offering a credit card service
  • 100% return of interchange income to your credit union
  • Increased loan portfolio
  • Lower delinquency rate
  • Potential for fee income

Credit Card Inquiry

Credit Card Inquiry for OnCore from United Solutions Company enables your credit union to display recent cardholder information from any OnCore workstation. This feature currently interfaces with Certegy, CUNA Service Group, Town North Bank and First Data Resource card programs.

Credit Card Inquiry provides 5 functions:

Receive File – On a daily basis your card processor transmits a file that provides cardholder and credit card account information.
Update Database – Using the file transmitted by your card processor, the OnCore database is updated to contain a record for each cardholder. The job stream, CDSPRF, is used to proof and load the file and update the OnCore cardholder database. 
Display Cardholder Information – The Member Services Platform is used from any workstation to display   information for a cardholder. When the member number is supplied in the file from the processor, the credit card loan displays in the Financial Platform. The information displayed includes current balance, outstanding authorizations, available credit, payment due, last payment date, block codes, delinquent amount and cycle to date payments. 
Take Payments – When the member number is supplied in the file from the processor, the credit card loan displays on the Individual Summary page and payments can be made over the counter using the Financial Platform. Home banking users will see information about the credit card (such as balance, due date, etc.) displayed along with other OnCore loans. Via share transfer, the member can make a payment to the credit card loan. Payments made through home banking are processed with those accepted through the Financial Platform. 
Transmit Payment File – A daily file of credit card loan payments taken using the Financial Platform can be transmitted to the card processor.

Instant Issue

United Solutions Company suuports instant issue of ATM, credit and debit cards with the Card Embossing interface and the CardWizard® product from Dynamic Solutions International (DSI). In addition to instant issue, the Card Embossing feature supports card re-PINing. This feature is a separate purchase from the Debit Card special feature.

The Benefits

  • Competitive, convenient service for your members
  • Highly visible marketing tool for attracting new members and obtaining new accounts
  • Daily positive authorization file, reducing card misuse
  • Total credit union control of credit card program
  • Interfaces to a variety of processors

The Bottom-Line Value

  • Significant reduction of ongoing expense of offering a share draft program
  • 100% return of interchange income to your credit union
  • Potential for fee income


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