Office Automation

Microfilm Conversions

Are you ready to digitize your microfilm or microfiche?

If you have microform storage that is deteriorating or getting scratched over time, call us about scanning and converting it to electronic files such as PDF, TIF or JPG images. The images can accumulated into multi-page files and indexed for ease of storage and retrieval.

OSC represents the DigitalReel and DigitalFiche products from BMI Imaging. The process is simple. We take your film, convert it to the digitized version, and provide you with the software you need to retrieve, read, print, save, or e-mail your files. You get the film back, too!

DigitalReel gives you a PC based interface that looks similar to your microfilm on a traditional scanner or reader/printer, but allows for much faster access, access by more than one person at a time, and no more need for microfilm readers, printers and their maintenance or deterioration of the microfilm!

Download the DigitalReel and DigitalFiche brochure.

  • Eliminates the need for expensive microfilm readers, printers and their maintenance.
  • Reduces congestion in the office for the public retrieving documents on film.
  • Reduces access time in searches by quickly getting to the desired image.
  • Purpose-built for ease of use in a public environment.
  • Works on standard PC platforms.

We also can convert smaller archives of microfilm right here in Tallahassee, if you are concerned about the film leaving the local area.

Please contact our sales department if you are interested in these exceptional solutions.