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oscFile Document Management Suite

What version should I use?

If you are currently running oscFile V6 or V7 and are planning an update to Windows 10, we strongly recommend that you update to oscFile V8 to take advantage of the new features as shown in the Release Notes.

Updates are FREE to all users with a current Software Maintenance Contract. To update, you will require a new License Key, and to download the version you need from below (V6, V7 or V8).

Ready to update? Call Bill Kimbel at 850-219-6505 and we can walk you through it or install it remotely.

oscFile 8.4 NOW AVAILABLE! 

oscFile V8 Index Features:

  • Scanning and Indexing as they should be - Powerful and Affordable
  • Streamlined Document Capture
  • Ways that OscFile Index helps reduce labor by streamlining the workflow and automating common indexing tasks
  • TWAIN and ISIS Scanner Driver Support to use any scanner with oscFile Index
  • Zone, Full Page and Dynamic OCR to extract index data no matter where it appears on the page
  • Barcode Recognition – read barcodes from scanned images to automate indexing
  • Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) –read check boxes to find True/False or Yes/No values
  • Index Autofill – populate multiple search fields with existing data from your database
  • Electronic Imprinting –apply Bates stamps and other image stamps/endorsements electronically
  • Database Integration – A full range of interactive database features allow for creative integration with custom database applications
  • Document Presence Auditing – Make sure that all required documents are present in the batch before it is released
  • Document Retrieval Options – How to find and view files once you have indexed them with oscFile Index – Directory Lookup, oscFile View
  • Command Line Processing and Custom Application Integration – The OscFile Index command-line interface makes it the easiest document capture application to integrate with your custom business software
  • Enable Distributed Document Capture – Companies with many remote locations can now afford to implement Distributed Capture with OscFile Index
  • OscFile Index 8.2 Release

Version 8.2 had many significant updates, including:

  • Better selection controls
  • Multiple matches on Autofill generates a selection window
  • Lists can now cascade based on earlier selections
  • List entries can be limited for improved performance
  • Improved SharePoint Integration
  • Better handling of custom column values
  • Support for Managed Metadata columns
  • Support for SharePoint Online w/ NTLM authentication
  • SP Client is now installed automatically, removing a step from configuration
  • Select the OCR Engine in the Wizard
  • Standard (Tesseract) included in all editions
  • Professional (FineReader) included in Enhanced OCR and Pro editions
  • Switch between the two to find the most (cost) effective solution

OscFile Index 8.4 Release

This release is all about more flexibility with file types, both those coming in and what gets saved out.

MS Office Files Available Directly in oscFile View
oscFile View (both standalone and inside OscFile Index) can display Office files natively. This gives you a faster workflow without having to call up external apps and keeps a single interface for all the different Office formats.

Support for JPEG 2000
Using a sophisticated encoding method, JPEG 2000 files can compress files with less loss of information. In addition, the file format is less likely to be affected by bit errors and other file system errors due to its more efficient coding structure.

PDF Linearization
Also known as Fast Web View, linearizing a pdf allows it to be displayed across an internet connection one page at a time versus the entire file having to be downloaded before it can be displayed. This saves time especially with large documents and is well suited to web-accessed document management systems.

Improved Support for Office 365 Authentication Methods
Particularly useful with SharePoint, this ability allows OscFile Index to access online Office 365 shares without repeated login screens.

Split Document by Selected Pages in oscFile View
Multi-page documents can be broken apart on the fly for separate indexing while working through a batch.

oscFile 8.0 Available!  (Build V8.4.60)  Download V8 Now!


oscFile Version 7

oscFile 7.0 Now Available!  (Build V7.5.22)  Download V7 Now!  Download FineReader OCR Now!

With the release of version 7, oscFile Index Pro updates all of its core functionality.

  • OCR
    • ABBYY® FineReader Engine for faster, more accurate OCR
    • Searchable PDF output
    • Improved data extraction options
    • NOTE: The FR Engine is a separate download, but is installed at the upgrade time
  • Barcode
    • Upgraded barcode engine
    • Barcode voting to boost accuracy
    • Support for most 2D barcodes without Advanced Barcode Add-on
  • Scanning
    • Multiple scan windows when using ISIS
    • Improved real-time processing
    • Scan directly to a network folder (processing occurs during scan)
  • Desktop Processing
    • Run multiple copies of SimpleIndex simultaneously
    • Selectively reprocess files
    • Save any image region to a separate file for signature capture, etc.
  • Server Processing
    • Server processing compatible with Vista/7/2008
    • Run multiple jobs on different schedules
  • PDF Conversion
    • Convert MS Office, HTML, XML and images to PDF before processing
    • Support for reading and writing password protected PDF files
    • Searchable PDF output
  • Indexing
    • Configure default values for empty fields
    • Generate MD5 file hash to verify file contents are unchanged
    • Export to XML

Updates are FREE to all users with a current Software Maintenance Contract. To update, you will require a new License Key, and to download the V7 software.

Still need V6?  Download V6 Now! 

  • Job settings wizard simplifies the process of creating new jobs
  • Big, easy buttons to open and run jobs or scan single files
  • Process a batch without re-importing files
  • Negative keywords in dictionary files prevent false positives
  • Better scanner settings display options for TWAIN & ISIS
  • Number and date range searching in oscFile Search
  • Edit job settings while processing documents
  • Improved interactive OCR zone drawing
  • Edit autofill fields or automatically select first matching record
  • Improved installer is fully Windows Vista compatible