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OnCore Forms Fantastic Features!

March 14, 2018

United Solutions has recently launched OnCore Forms, a complete solution for credit union’s forms and printing needs.  OnCore Forms was developed to save credit unions time, money and frustration. Below is a complete list all our Forms software can achieve.

Gone are the days when a credit union staff member has to reenter member data for every form. OnCore Forms connects seamlessly to your core processing system to pull member information directly into all of your forms. With OnCore Forms, the information is populated automatically.

OnCore Forms allows your staff and credit union members to wirelessly access a convenient and easy to use iOS application to populate and sign forms on a wide variety of devices such as computers, iPads, iPods, and iPhones.

With three different signing options, obtaining all the signatures you need from your members is painless. Wet signatures allow the printed forms to be signed with a pen and then scanned back into the system. Glass Signatures allow the member’s electronic signature to be captured using an iPad, Scriptel, or another signature display tablet device. There is also an option available to utilize the features of remote electronic capture with eSign Genie.

Completed forms are easy to move to their next destination! All competed forms are stored in OnCore Forms. You also have the ability to send forms straight to optical storage, email them or print them directly from our solution. There are scheduling options for near-real-time or daily batch archives to optical storage.

Auditors asking to review forms? Not a problem. Set up reading rights only. Tellers need to just print some member forms? Done. Developed with granular user profile settings and permission levels, OnCore Forms ensures that all users have only the abilities that you select. You can choose from editing, printing, viewing, and emailing.

During development, the question arose what about printing checks and receipts? So, we added it. Including the ability to brand your receipts, OnCore Forms has an optional module for check and receipt printing that allows your staff to easily generate all counter/teller checks, transactional receipts, and even print Wisdom/GL checks too.

Check out last week’s blog post for our official press release or read it at CU Insight, CU Today and CU Times. Contact us anytime for a full demo.