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Developing OnCore Forms - A Fairy Tale of Forms

March 21, 2018

Developing a new product always starts with a problem. The problem: Forms have become expensive, but in order to operate a credit union must have forms. Forms software doesn’t integrate smoothly, offer branding or have a singular solution to overall problem. This situation launched the need for change. The United Solutions Company (USC) answered the call to action with its new OnCore Forms solution.

The creators at USC partnered with a local forms company to develop a nimble and expandable application built on the FileMaker platform. The original design and idea for the product was to create an affordable electronic forms solution for credit unions. What happened next was quite exciting.

During development, extensive research was conducted on other pain points revolving around forms. The USC team began to brainstorm realizing they could create an amazing solution to multiple problems. With OnCore Forms full potential realized, development efforts started to focus on adding the ability to print all of a credit union’s counter, starter, general ledger, and cashier’s checks. Next came the ability to print, email, text, and sign receipts. With the original thought of utilizing iPads, our software became more nibble by allowing a larger selection of tablets. Including Scriptel and Wacom brand tablets.

United Solutions had already been offering connections to optical storage for other clients. A natural next step was to incorporate optical storage into OnCore Forms. USC decided to create the ability to automatically store the forms and have a manual option. Optical storage was another step towards an unstoppable Forms product.

The product swiftly grew into a one-stop-shop for all of a financial institution’s documentation and printing needs. To learn all about OnCore Forms features, check out last week’s blog post. To see this product in action, reach out for a demo today!