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Five Tips for Selecting Your Next Forms Product

March 28, 2018

1. The Platform

The software infrastructure that your forms solution is built upon really makes a world of difference. Customization of the product can certainly be difficult if the platform itself is not versatile. Ask your potential forms partner what customization is possible. Are you able to create workflows based on your credit union?

When receiving a demo of the product, you should be looking for ease of use and minimal involvement from your staff. How many steps does it take for you to complete the process?

2. The Devices

While a forms software may have all the bells and whistles, notice what devices the software runs on. Would you have to buy new computers, tablets, etc.? If so, is the solution worth the extra cost?

iPads are usually a first choice for most credit unions. However, not every branch has the wireless infrastructure to support iPads. If your branch doesn’t have wireless connectivity the ability to use another signature pad, such as a Wacom or Scriptel device, is a positive. The ability to have device agnostic software is ideal. This will always give your credit union room for growth and improvements, but at the pace the credit union can afford.

3. More than Just Forms

When shopping for a Forms software, look to see everything that’s included in your offer. Are you using optical currently? Will this new software integrate with your optical storage? If you aren’t using optical storage, maybe it is a feature that could greatly enhance efficiency at your credit union.

How are your checks and receipts printing? Do you have another software or product that handles your printing? Can you send documents electronically? This could be a feature your credit union is seeking to implement. Are you trying to eliminate paper entirely? These are important questions to consider when picking a forms solution.

4. Business Relationship and Customer Support

Your forms product is only as good as the people that make it work for you. Reliable customer service is essential when you have questions or need assistance. Asking questions such as, “will you receive an account rep?”, “what are the business hours?”, and “do you have after hours support?” are important when vetting a company.

5. Security

You take your security very seriously, so your forms solution should as well. Make sure that the product that you choose has up-to-date protection from would-be intruders and costly data breaches. Notice if your forms solution allows you to assign permissions. Do you have the abilities to secure your documents? Can you easily integrate the forms software into your existing security infrastructure?