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United Solutions Company Unveils OnCore Forms

March 09, 2018

March 9th, 2018 – TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – United Solutions Company (USC) recognized a growing need for affordable forms and laser print solutions in the credit union industry. Existing solutions are expensive, with additional stresses of outdated software and integration issues.  As a result, USC developed OnCore Forms

OnCore Forms is an electronic forms management solution that allows financial institutions to be able to electronically generate, populate, print and store all of their routine forms using one easy-to-use interface. With customizable workflows, database integration, digital signatures, multifactor authentication, iPad interface, document archiving, and reporting, OnCore Forms is a next generation forms processing application.

“OnCore Forms is different from the ground up,” states Deric Roberts, OnCore Forms Manager at USC.  “With easy to use navigation and dashboards, front line staff can quickly access all forms. OnCore forms continues to set itself apart from the competition with the ability to host signatures (wet, electronic, or glass), printing and optical storage.”

OnCore Forms is capable of interfacing directly with the credit union’s core processing system. This enables it to pull member and account data directly into lending and other types of routine forms. Members can then easily sign these forms electronically with an iPad, Wacom, or Scriptel device.  Once completed, the workflow allows for the forms to be printed, emailed, saved as a .pdf file, or sent to optical storage.

For checks and receipts, OnCore Forms intercepts the data stream, reformats the checks and receipts for output to laser check printer or small footprint receipt printer, and then sends it to digital storage.  Receipts can be printed, emailed, or texted to the member, or any variation of the three.

“OnCore Forms is that single pane of glass for all of the credit union’s forms and printing needs,” said Jim Giacobbe, President and CEO of USC. “It doesn’t matter what systems they are using, all printed documents, receipts, and checks can be managed by OnCore Forms.  It is a single integration point!”

With all of the different products interfacing with the core, credit unions are sometimes forced to use multiple products for printing, forms, and storage. OnCore Forms becomes the final stop for all forms solutions at the credit union.