Mobile Integration

Mobile Deposit Capture


Capture21.Org’s Mobile Capture embraces new technology in the mobile remote deposit capture arena. It will allow your members the ability to deposit checks using their camera equipped smart-phone.

Our Mobile Capture solution can used as a stand-alone product or you can choose to integrate it with your Mobile Banking application.


Deposit wherever, whenever. No trip to a branch or ATM necessary. Members don’t want to use their lunch break to stand in the teller line waiting to make a deposit. Let them bank when they want with Capture21.Org’s Mobile Capture. The user can deposit their checks into one of several accounts, receive an email as soon as it is deposited, and review their deposit history right there within the application.


Members have direct access applications for iOS and Android phones. The module can be integrated into existing mobile banking application or a stand-alone application for your members. Members will have the option to download the application from a link on the credit union website, email blast enrollment, or from their application store on their phone. The application is Check21 compliant for the Federal Reserve with approved image standards converted to X9.37 files. Using patented technology from our partner A2iA, the application automatically converts the original full-color JPEG image file into Check21 specifications.


Capture21.Org’s Mobile Capture makes sure that the credit union AND the members are protected with dual authentication for the utmost security. The dual authentication process, confirmation email, credential server verification, and deposit limits per member are all security features. After a picture of the check is taken, state-of-the-art encryption ensures that the front and back photographs are automatically verified, converted, and sent to safe server. The life of a Capture21.Org Mobile Capture deposit will have FIVE verifications before it is posted to an account!


Get access to funds quicker with the 22-second deposit time. Capture21.Org’s Mobile Capture is so unique because it allows members to fully process a check without a server connection- the software resides within the application itself on the user’s phone. Other mobile deposit capture products require the check image  to be sent to a server and back, taking 500KB to 3MB and over ten minutes to upload! This takes more bandwidth, more time, and ultimately more money out of the members’ pockets for data usage. Capture21.Org’s Mobile Capture does not require the image be sent to a server, so it creates a file of only 25KB that takes a mere 22 seconds to be deposited.

Affordable’s Mobile Capture also drastically cuts or almost eliminates teller transaction costs that studies show are an average of $3.50 to $4.00 per teller transaction. United Solutions not only understands technology, we understand the value of a dollar. Our slogan, ‘Solutions for a New Economy,’ means that we work hard to provide excellent products and services that are more affordable and even priced below market value.

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