Core Data Processing

OnCore XP2 Overview


OnCore XP2 represented by United Solutions Company is a next-generation choice in member processing for credit unions, featuring a Microsoft® .NET framework that’s open at every tier and an individual-centric design backed by an IBM DB2® relational database.

With proven, extensible, scalable technology and established integration to a broad range of enterprise solutions, OnCore XP2 supports credit union growth and drives operational efficiency. Today, over 7 million credit union members representing some $85 billion in assets leverage this unique and powerful platform!

The OnCore XP2 account processing solution is designed for progressive credit unions and built on technology that will support credit unions well into the future. On the front end, the OnCore XP2 browser interface leverages Internet and intranet technology to deliver unprecedented control and ease of use.

A universal standard, relational database manages data efficiently and securely and provides low-cost maintenance and ease of access with multiple off-the-shelf reporting tools. With OnCore XP2, your credit union can take advantage of service offerings and cross- selling opportunities with built-in member relationship management tools.

Built for Credit Unions

The development of OnCore XP2 was a collaborative effort that involved some of the brightest minds in our movement. A superior effort was made to bring together the best    in credit union design ideas, the flexibility and open architecture of Internet technology, the power and security of DB2, and the expertise we’ve gained as a solutions provider to credit unions for more than three decades to create a next- generation platform designed specifically for our clients.

Individual Centric Design

While other account processing systems are programmed to view a member as a series of accounts and loans, OnCore XP2 is built around each individual’s unique relationship with the credit union. The  individual member in OnCore XP2 comes first, with a single-screen view of an individual member’s relationships with the credit union.

Technology to Grow On

OnCore XP2 is built on a Microsoft .NET framework, providing open access capabilities that enable your credit union to easily integrate with the innovative, best-of-suite products from United Solutions Company and other third-party products. The DB2 relational database offers security, scalability and cost efficiency while supporting an individual-centric architecture.

OnCore XP2 easily supports your growth initiatives through IBM hardware that delivers security, performance and outstanding scalability. IBM components can be added as your credit union grows, offering the scalability you require coupled with the peace of mind that an industry-leading technology partner provides.

With OnCore XP2, you can rest assured your credit union can weather any storm. United Solutions Company leverages our long-term knowledge in delivering offerings via a multimillion dollar world class data center. We deliver comprehensive business continuity processes that minimize risk to your operations, improve systems availability, and protect your data while providing resilient support services that are always available to assist you with any system disruption.

Development Flexibility

With APEX™ for OnCore XP2, United Solutions Company can embed custom applications and create custom OnCore XP2 screens. Since APEX is the same technology used to develop OnCore XP2, it provides necessary security and compatibility features for seamless customization.

Unmatched Scalability & Integration 

The Microsoft .NET framework provides the OnCore XP2 system with open access capabilities that enable credit unions to easily integrate with innovative best-of-suite products from United Solutions Company and other providers. The DB2 relational database offers security, scalability and cost efficiency, ease of reporting, and an individual-centric architecture.

Choose the Delivery that Works for You

OnCore XP2 is available as a hosted or ASP option. With either method, you have access to the same robust collection of tools to address the ever-changing needs of your members and help them simplify their financial lives.

A New Level of Member Service

The built-in member relationship management platform brings a highly personalized approach to contact management, sales and service. Member relationship management is integrated with your staff’s daily workflow, saving you the cost of add-on member relationship management software. And because the concept of an “individual” is not tied to account ownership, you can easily track nonmembers and potential members.

With the Individual Summary within OnCore XP2, your staff has an aggregate view of each individual, including membership, loan, product, sales and contact information... even if that member has multiple memberships in your credit union. Built- in member relationship management tools let you define the information you want to track by setting up your own categories, subcategories, routing options, dispositions and more. This feature provides a whole new level of sales and service by placing valuable information like past contacts and pending actions right where it can be accessed quickly by your member service representatives. Valuable data for tracking and reporting is available online, as well as standard reports and a variety of custom reporting tools.

Deepen Member Relationships

OnCore XP2 enables your credit union to deepen member relationships and improve member experience. Enabling your staff to record every interaction with members, the system tracks member engagement, allowing management and staff to deeply understand each member and to understand what is needed to provide the best service and products to meet their   needs.

Make the Most of Opportunities with Cross-Selling and Tracking

Make the most of cross-selling opportunities with the built-in member relationship platform. Your credit union staff can access valuable member information all from one easy to read screen.

Integrated cross-selling tools let you present individual- and member-specific prequalified sales opportunities within the member relationship management platform. Customize online facts, features and scripts about the opportunity so your member service representatives have the necessary details at their fingertips when presenting products.

The Product Selector tool identifies the products offered by your credit union that best meet each member’s needs. You can define keywords and bundle multiple products together. And the decision engine within OnCore XP2 can be used to offer preliminary status for qualification based on your criteria.

Credit union-defined action buttons not only track each member’s response, but also let you initiate other workflows such as product origination or forms generation. And OnCore XP2 offers a variety of standard reports for tracking sales for employee incentive programs, determining campaign success rates or whatever measurements and analysis suit your business objectives.

Simplify Process for Your Staff

OnCore XP2 features a variety of built-in tools to save your staff’s valuable time. For example, a credit union-defined checklist walks member service representatives through the steps to create a new membership; open and fund new accounts; perform identification and background checks; request and review a credit report; and initiate other functions such as home banking enrollment or check orders. For credit unions with multiple branches, the Operator/Drawer Separation feature makes it possible for an operator to keep one operator number and password – no matter which branch he or she is working in. Managers or supervisors define which branches and drawers an operator has access to, and they can even set    begin and end dates for that access, as well as drawer minimum and maximum limits and balancing requirements.

A System of Record & Engagement Based on Relationships & Interactions

From a single link, operators can access all their balancing, cash management and inventory functions. Operators who have the proper permissions can also access operator, drawer, merchandise and branch reports.  The balancing function automatically tracks over and under conditions and can present override conditions.

Tailor OnCore XP2 to Fit Your Needs

OnCore XP2 has the flexibility to be customized around your business processes. You don’t have to change the way you do business to fit the system. The key to this flexibility is in the customizable workflows that enable you to define how your processes work from start to finish – whether it’s enrolling a new member, opening a new product or originating a loan.

Lending for OnCore XP2 from United Solutions Company is a browser-based loan origination system featuring advanced decision tools, expanded liability matching, and workflow control. The system makes it easy to determine which loan products are the best choice for a particular member.

ID Capture for OnCore XP2

Collecting important member demographic information has never been easier thanks to ID Capture for OnCore XP2 from United Solutions Company. With one swipe, you have immediate access to the critical information stored on the magnetic stripe or 3-D barcode of a state-issued driver’s license.

Eliminate data entry errors and save time with the ID Capture enhancement. Using a USB-connected card swipe device, ID Capture will read the magnetic stripe or 3-D barcode on state-issued driver’s licenses and import the demographic information into the OnCore XP2 ‘Add Individual’ page.

OnCore XP2 will capture the following data from state-issued driver’s licenses from any of the 50 states:

  • First, middle and last name
  • Gender
  • Birthdate
  • Address
  • Driver’s license number
  • State of issuance

In addition to capturing information for new members, credit unions can use ID Capture to update address information for existing members. By clicking the new button on the Address Book page and swiping the member’s driver’s license, the member’s address will be immediately updated in OnCore XP2.

Key Benefits

  • Capture the data stored on the magnetic stripes or 3-D barcodes of state-issued driver’s licenses  with a simple swipe
  • Valid with driver’s licenses issued in any of the 50 states
  • Save up to 200 keystrokes per record and avoid keying errors
  • Import important demographic information directly into OnCore for new members
  • Quickly update a member’s address on file

Signature Validation for OnCore XP2

Easily capture, store and display images alongside member data with Signature Validation for OnCore XP2 from United Solutions Company.

Signature Validation enables you to store images such as scanned driver’s licenses, signature cards or photos from a digital camera in an image database in a compressed form. Through the member services platform, tellers can automatically display stored images when accessing a member’s data.

The Bottom-Line Value

Reduces physical storage space needed for signature files
Reduces the chance of loss due to fraud or unauthorized withdrawals