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Vendor Solutions: Did You Know? Part Five

September 07, 2016

We created Vendor Solutions a few years ago to use for our own vendor and contract management. Since then, we’ve sold it to a lot of credit unions and other organizations that have given us feedback to make the product better and better.

The ‘Vendor Solutions: Did You Know?’ articles will highlight the most recent updates or interesting features of Vendor Solutions. These features are investments we’ve made in the product for our clients to add the value and functionality needed to succeed.

Vendor Solutions: Did You Know?

1. Shared Repository

The ‘Shared Repository’ screen contains information files that can be accessed by any user of This allows resources and documentation to be freely shared in order to help others benefit from them.

2. Generating and printing reports

When a user navigates to the ‘Reports’ screen, the dropdown selection can be used to select from a variety of vendor or client report options. Select the ‘View Report’ button to display the desired report.

When viewing the selected report, use the available options to search for key terms, display the preferred amount of rows per page, and select which columns are checked to be visible or hidden.

3. Generating request for documents

Requesting vendor due-diligence documentation is initiated by selecting the ‘Request documents from this vendor’ button from the top of the vendor’s page.

Use the checkboxes and freeform fields available on the ‘Requesting Information From…’ to select all applicable items to be requested from the designated vendor. The options available to select from including the following:

  • SSAE16
  • Background Investigation
  • Insurance
  • Contract
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Security Policy
  • Financials
  • W9
  • Examiner's Report
  • Incident Management History
  • Proof of Fourth Party Monitoring
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Privacy Statements
  • Licensing
  • Bonding
  • Appraisal Certifications

Once the options have been appropriately customized for the due-diligence request, select the ‘Send Email’ button to generate the email to the Primary contact on the vendor’s page.