Core Data Processing

Lending for OnCore XP2

Lending for OnCore XP2 from United Solutions Company is a browser-based loan origination system featuring advanced decision tools, expanded liability matching, and workflow control. The system makes it easy to determine which loan products are the best choice for a particular member. Lending features a multi-level decision process that gives your credit union a tremendous degree of flexibility and control. The system can approve loans based on “global” criteria, or match against product criteria, or compare qualifications to highly specific decision matrices.

For open-end lending, the decision matrix can calculate the borrower’s credit limits. And the pricing matrix can determine a rate index or customized margin for variable-rate products, such as home equity loans.

Best of all, since the LOS is part of the core system, integration is not an issue! It is part of the overall OnCore XP2 offering and saves thousands of dollars you would otherwise pay to a 3rd party! 

Lending Workflows

Want to streamline your lenders’ workflow? Lending can help. Use the system to attach various workflows at the product level– so the appropriate lending pages are presented and in the proper order during the loan origination process. For example, when processing an application for an unsecured loan, the collateral page could be omitted from the process. OnCore XP2 also has a Book Only workflow that supports rapid input of a loan into the system.

Document Sets

To ensure your staff knows exactly which document to use and when, you can define sets of documents and attach them to specific loan products.

Decision Engine

To ensure streamlined decisions that are consistent regardless of the application channel used, the decision engine performs two very important functions.

It first automates the process of selecting loan products that best fit the member’s needs, by comparing the credit union defined global, product level and/or decision matrices against the member’s data prior to a loan application. It then recommends a decision and/or monetary limits within the loan application based on the credit union’s underwriting procedures.

Pricing Matrices

The Lending for OnCore XP2 platform’s pricing and decision matrices further streamlines the lending process. The price the member qualifies for is presented within the terms, insurance and fees area.


  • Before a loan application process begins, the OnCore XP2 product selector can determine which products best meet a member’s needs
  • Multiple individuals can be pre-qualified for loans, such as spouses or borrower and co-borrower
  • Custom workflows provide far more control over the lending process
  • The system facilitates easier and more accurate target marketing for loan products