Mobile Integration

Branch Capture’s Branch Capture creates x9.37 image cash letter files for the federal reserve and processes the incoming cash letters all with an easy to use back office interface. Then extract and create an electronic returns file for the federal reserve after reviewing images straight from the core system. Branch Capture provides detailed research of items for employees and generates files readable by any core processor and/or your current item processing vendor.

  • FedForward – Capture21.Org combines all items that were scanned and balanced into an image file presentable to the Federal Reserve.
  • FedReceiptPlus – Receives electronic image cash letters and builds a file to post to your core.
  • FedReturn – Will retrieve images of items based on an NSF file from your core system. An X9.37 file will then be created that can be transmitted to the Federal Reserve
  • Internet Banking – Capture21.Org will provide images to your internet banking site

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