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United Solutions Company Hosts World Council of Credit Unions

May 30, 2018

United Solutions Company hosts World Council of Credit Unions for a day of learning and collaborating

May, 2018 – TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – United Solutions Company (USC) had the opportunity to host the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) on April 11th, 2018. WOCCU joined United Solutions at their headquarters in Tallahassee, FL for a day of collaboration.

WOCCU is a network of 68,000 institutions in 109 countries reaching 235 million households worldwide and more than $1.4 Trillion (USD) mobilized in savings and shares. Their mission is to improve lives through credit unions and other financial cooperatives. The belief of the council is all people should have access to affordable, reliable and sustainable financial services.

The visit to USC is one of several immersion learning programs that WOCCU coordinates each year through WOCCU’s Global Classroom – an initiative that provides credit union professionals from around the world the opportunity to network and exchange perspectives on the shared challenges they face. The immersion programs are supported by peer-generated content, where the goal is to highlight credit union organizations like USC with noteworthy examples of innovative strategies, impactful services, community outreach and/or collaborative initiatives that set them apart from other financial institutions. 

A diverse delegation joined USC, with a mix of board members and senior management representing credit unions, foundation members and government agencies in the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Panama.  The credit unions ranged in size from $20 million in assets to $600 million.

The program explores a wide range of topics, with the goal of providing the delegation with an overview of the operating environment for credit unions in the US. The presentations and discussions focused on some of the key experiences of each credit union organization and included an overview of products and services, the use of technology to improve operational efficiencies and expand financial service channels, strategies for credit union collaboration - as well as a look at several financial education and entrepreneurship initiatives.  

The delegation was interested when learning about the history and governance structure of the USC CUSO as well as an overview of the products and services USC offers. Collaborative efforts like CUSOs have great potential to help the development of credit union organizations everywhere.  A special thank you to Lisa Brown, CEO of Tallahassee Leon FCU and board member at United Solutions for helping coordinate this collaboration effort.

About The Credit Union World Council

Today, World Council acts as the leading voice for advocacy and governance on behalf of the international credit union community. World Council continues to promote economic freedom and the sustainable growth of financial cooperatives across the globe through education, collaboration and community-based development projects. World Council is governed by a board of directors that represents its member organizations. The organization and its subsidiaries are headquartered in Madison, Wis., in the United States. World Council also has a permanent office in Washington, D.C., and program offices worldwide. For more information visit us at