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Tuesday’s at 10:00AM Webinar Series - CU Certified Automotive

January 11, 2019

Let's face facts, it is harder today than ever before to maximize your non-interest income while minimizing default risk on your loans and real life value for your members.  Maybe you already have a full suite of lending products but know that you could be making more money on your Vehicle Service Contracts with a better program, consistent support and a larger piece of the profit slice?  Maybe you have had bad experiences in the past that have turned you and your team off from properly offering this valuable and much needed member and loan protection?  

CU Certified is the first Vehicle Service Contract program created by Credit Unions for Credit Union Members and now a proudly endorsed partner of UNITED Solutions that features:

  • An industry first 100% Profit Sharing Model
  • Proactive Claims Process
  • High Tech/High Touch local approach to partnership that is sorely missing from most of the Loan Product Agency relationships that you may have today. 

With this value proposition, CU's throughout the US are discovering how they can make an average of $512 MORE than they are already makingper Vehicle Service Contract sold with competitive pricing to members and a program that they control.  Most importantly, however, is that CU Certified works for its Credit Union Partners and its members, NOT for its bottom-line profit!  

Please join us for an exclusive introduction hosted by your partners at United Solutions and featuring Jon Taylor, National Sales and Training Director for CU Certified.  Its your CU, take the control back with CU Certified!

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