Office Automation

Document Storage

United Solutions Company provides modular shelving solutions for storage of paper files and other items, including boxed records at our storage facility in Tallahassee. We offer a full featured, competitively-priced, secure storage facility with the ability to retrieve and restore records when needed, and with pickup and delivery as needed. We also can store your records during a document scanning project.

If you are currently storing paper files and need to continue to do so, let us help you design a file storage and retrieval system that makes the best use of your available space. Push button power files and movable shelving allow for more efficient document handling and storage and save up to 50% in floor space compared to using file cabinets. We also offer a full line of color coded file folder systems and supplies to boost productivity and prevent mis-files.

Electronic Data Preservation

Are data storage growth and management issues causing you headaches?

For secure electronic storage, we offer the Assureon family of NAS and SAN storage systems. This can include the Assureon Client residing on your server system, with secure backup of your designated files to an Assureon NAS system, which is then automatically replicated to our secure data center in Tallahassee.

The Assureon from Imation is the leading storage solution for long term data preservation and management. Unlike other disk-based storage systems, Assureon provides all the access and performance benefits of online storage with the economic benefits of offline storage.

Assureon Data Preservation System Benefits

  • Reduce the amount of data on primary storage by 50%
  • Cut backup time by 50%
  • Dramatically reduce the cost of storage obsolescence
  • Improve data management by automating business and compliance rules
  • Seamlessly work with your current applications through standards CIFS, NFS or DICOM
  • Protect the environment by reducing power consumption by 75%