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2017 Tech Forum Speakers: Dror Liwer

April 19, 2017

Dror Liwer, Co-Founder and CSO, Coronet

Dror is co-founder and Chief Security Officer of Coronet, the first cyber security company to protect organizations from wireless network threats. He is passionate about helping enterprises ensure the security of their employees and customers as they connect to ubiquitous Wi-Fi and cellular networks. Dror believes that the pervasiveness, necessity and accessibility of today’s wireless communication shouldn’t lead to people’s privacy being jeopardized.

He has extensive management and technology experience, having successfully built and led several digital technology-centric, client-facing companies. Previously, he was CEO and Board member for a cloud-based, Point-of-Sale company, Pose, and as an advisor and Board member for Cloudyn, a leading provider of multi-cloud platform optimization solutions.

Spanning more than 16 years’ experience, Dror has served in senior executive roles at IXI Mobile, Blast Radius and Context Integration. He began his career in cyber security while serving as CIO of the Israel Defense Force’s Military Police, thwarting some of the very first cybercrimes and threats.

Dror is a frequent speaker and panelist at international technology and business conferences.

About Coronet

Coronet is an award-winning, network security company that analyzes the risk level of Wi-Fi and cellular networks near an organization’s premises without having to connect to them. Coronet is currently used by 170 of the Fortune 1000 enterprises, spanning industries including large financial services organizations, large mobile carriers, consumer goods, life sciences, healthcare, and major device manufacturers.

The company provides improved visibility and control into which Wi-Fi and cellular networks an organization’s users can access, distinguishing between legitimate networks and risky, possibly malicious networks. It also provides intelligence on the risk level of networks nearby an organization’s premises. Coronet runs on any device and platform including iOS, MacOS, Windows, and Android.

Coronet is based in Be'er Sheva, Israel, with regional offices in Tel Aviv, North Carolina and Berlin.

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